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About provides free online route guides for cyclists of all ages and abilities. We make it easy for people to get out and enjoy great rides by organising every piece of relevant information in one place. The site will be the most comprehensive leisure cycling website in the world.

Having one place for all such information will make it easier for progressive business owners to improve cycling infrastructure all over the country and to easily tell people about it.

A combination of amazing scenery, quiet roads and one place to plan it all can make this country one of the most popular places in the world to cycle within 5 years. People will be able to plan their entire trips here from anywhere in the world.

We love to cycle in Ireland. There are 18 hours of daylight on June 21st, and mild temperatures (almost all) year round. This site solves the biggest problem with cycling in Ireland – navigating the back roads of the country, where signs are a rarity.

These roads are quiet and usually the most scenic, but immensely frustrating to try and get around. No cyclist wants to stop every few minutes to check a map or have to constantly ask people what the right way is. Our turn-by-turn directions guide cyclists easily through these wonderful places.

There is something great happening in this country – people are cycling in unprecedented numbers. We want people to get out and explore the country and see it at bike speed.

We believe that the bicycle is the perfect way to travel – allowing people to see everything close up while still covering enough distance to engage in proper journeys. You can cross the country from east to west in a day if put down the hammer, two days if you are reasonably fit, and three days if you like to take your time. It’s your choice. There is no correct distance to cover or proper amount of cycling to do in a day.

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