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Arklow Cycle Loop Direcions

Section 1

0 to 10km

From the train station, turn left and cycle to the t-junction with Main Street, where you turn right. After 450m, turn left over Reilly’s Bridge. Stay on the road as it bends left. After another 1km you reach a garage.

Turn left on Beech road here, and follow the sign for Avoca. This road goes slowly uphill and soon crosses the N11. Stay [5km marker] on this road and follow the long descent into Avoca village.

In Avoca, turn left to cross the river. Then take a right on the R752.

Section 2

10 – 20km

After 3.6km you will see The Meetings pub on your right. Cross the bridge just beyond it and access to the viewpoint is on the right.

Take the first right just after the viewpoint, signed Connary. Take a right downhill when the road forks soon after, and then you will cross a bridge. The road climbs uphill. Take the first right. It is beside a house and easy to miss.

Follow [15km marker] this road as it bends left and continues uphill. At the top there are fantastic vews of the Wicklow Mountains on your left.

At a quiet crossroads among several houses, turn right, up the last part of the climb. You will soon go through a crossroads and past a number of houses at Connary Upper.

Go down the short hill to reach a 5-sided crossroads. There are two left turns – take the second one on the wider R574. Continue downhill.

Section 3

20 – 30km

It is 2.9km to Redcross on this road. Turn left at the t-junction there for Brittas Bay. After 1.4km take the first right, also signed for Brittas Bay.

This will [25km marker] bring you to the N11. Turn left, and immediately right at Jack White’s pub. Follow this road for 2.5km to reach the R750 behind the beach.

Turn right at the t-junction with the R750 to go south to Arklow. There are a couple of access points to the beach by some parking spots, but they may be awkward with a bicycle. Best access is by the carpark. Turn left (north) instead of right and it is 1.2km away.

Section 4

30 – 40km

Going south, Arklow is 12.1km away on the R750. It is a quiet road as the N11 runs parallel to it, and a great ride [35km marker] along the coast. In Arklow it brings you to a t-junction with the Dublin Road.

Turn left here. You will soon cross Reilly’s Bridge. Then turn right on Main Street and left on Station Road 450m later to reach the train station.