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Athlone to Enniskillen Cycle Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

Go north from the roundabout (right if coming on the Limerick – Athlone route) on the road with a low wall to the left and a high wall to the right. After the road bends left, turn right and go over the railway tracks, and then cross the N6.

Soon after this you reach a roundabout, where you turn right on the N55.

Follow this for 1.1km until the road bends left. Take the first right turn here on the R390, signed Mullingar [5km marker]. You soon go through a crossroads. 3.6km later, turn left at the next crossroads, following the sign for Glassan.

Take the first right turn up a narrow road.

Section 2

10 – 20km

When you reach a t-junction, turn right and keep straight for 3.6km (ignore two left turns) [15km marker].

Turn right when you reach a t-junction, and after 500m you reach Doonamore crossroads, where you turn left.

After 2.6km you reach a t-junction. Turn left and cycle to the next t-junction with the N55, where you turn right. Go around the corner and you cross into County Longford.

Section 3

20 – 30km

Take the first left after the bridge. Then the road bends left and you cross a bridge at Garrynagh.

Turn right at the t-junction after the bridge. Ignore two narrow left turns and take the third left, on a right hand bend. You cross over a canal [25km marker] and then reach a t-junction with the R392, where you turn left.

Then take the first right turn on the R397, a short distance up the road.

After 2.0km, the road bends sharply left, with two right turns. Take the L5227, which goes straight ahead. Soon the road forks – keep right.

Section 4

30 – 40km

Keep straight and you go through a crossroads. The next, very wide, crossroads is at Curraghmore. Go straight through it by taking the second left (there are 5 roads).

As you go down it you pass three houses in quick succession on your left.

Keep straight [35km marker] and after 3.1km you pass through a crossroads, following the sign for Longford. Just after this, the road bends left at a junction. Keep straight.

Section 5

40 – 50km

3.7km later you pass through another crossroads. Turn right at the next t-junction, where you reach the edge of the Longford Town.

Stay on this road as you pass the greyhound stadium and cross over the railway tracks. Keep straight and you reach Market Square in the centre of the town.

Keep straight past Market Square and go down Main Street. This becomes the R198 as you go past the tower at the end of the street. Follow this road past the church and then keep straight [45km marker] through two roundabouts – the second one is with the N4.

Soon you leave the town. Keep going straight on the R198.

Section 6

50 – 60km

This main road takes you all the way to Drumlish, where you go straight through the main crossroads there [55km marker].

650m after the crossroads, turn left on the L1013, signed Cloone. Then take the first right turn, signed Arvagh and Ballinamuck.

Section 7

60 – 70km

After 4.2km you go straight through a crossroads beside the Ninety Eight Bar. Ignore all turnoffs as the road gradually climbs uphill [65km marker].

You pass a church and a housing estate at a crossroads.

From there it’s another 2.7km to Moyne. You cross the main road at a crossroads, go over the top of the hill and cross the main road again at another crossroads. Then there is a sharp rise to the crossroads at Moyne, where you turn left, signed Cloone.

Section 8

70 – 80km

Keep right as you follow the road down the hill. Ignore all turnoffs [75km marker] and this road will take you into the village of Carrigallen.

When you reach the main crossroads, go straight ahead and you join the R201. You pass a lough on your left.

After 1.7km turn right on the R204, signed Ballinamore, on a wide bend. Then take the first right, signed Ballyconnell.

Section 9

80 – 90km

After 3.3km you pass a church. Keep straight ahead. At the next crossroads [85km marker], take the first left turn down a narrow road and you soon reach a t-junction with the R199.

Turn left and then take the first right down a very narrow road. You re-enter County Cavan here and after 3.8km you are cycling along the shore of Coolage Lough.

Section 10

90 – 100km

When you reach a t-junction, turn right on the R205. You soon reach a crossroads where the main road bends right. You take the first left turn of two on this junction [95km marker].

Take the next right turn, up a very narrow lane. Soon you reach a t-junction with the N87. Turn left and then right at the first turn after a few metres. You climb a hill which is an alternative to several kilometres on a narrow N road.

At the first crossroads, turn left on the wider road.

Section 11

100 – 110km

Follow the road downhill. Take the first left down a steep, narrow road. Turn right at the t-junction at the bottom [105km marker].

When you finally reach a t-junction, turn left and go over a bridge to reach a t-junction with the N87. Turn right here and enter Swanlinbar.

When the main road turns left at the other edge of the village, take the right that goes straight down a narrow road. You cross the border into Northern Ireland and go through a crossroads.

Section 12

110 – 120km

Then cycle straight through a [115km marker] second and third crossroads.

Keep going.

Stay on this road and you cross a stone bridge. Keep straight through a crossroads and turn left at the second crossroads. Immediately turn right at the t-junction with the A32.

Section 13

120 – 127km

You soon cross a bridge, and take the first right turn 1.2km later, metres before reaching a t-junction with the A4. At the edge of Enniskillen you reach a t-junction on a bend – turn left.

You go over the top of a hill and straight through a crossroads [125km marker]. 1.0km later take the next left and immediately turn right at a t-junction with the A4. Follow this into the town for 1.3km and when you reach a t-junction turn right and cross the river.

Immediately turn left, go down the hill and follow the road as it bends right. Then you reach the Queen Elizabeth Road roundabout.