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Bantry to Schull Cycle Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

From Wolfe Tone Square in the centre follow the signpost for the hospital and go up New Street. At the first crossroads turn right on High Street. Go straight through the next crossroads, uphill on a a narrow laneway.

Soon after, take the first left by a small stone wall, then take the right turn a few metres later.

Keep going uphill and you pass the hospital helipad. The road narrows again and you reach a crossroads with great views of the mountains to the north.

Turn sharply right to complete a hairpin. This road bends left and goes uphill.

Continue uphill and you soon reach the top of Vaughans Pass. Enjoy the view of the bay.

On the other side you descend into a wide green valley [5km marker]. Turn left, signed Dunmanway, when you reach a t-junction with the R586.

Ignore the first right turn after a few metres and 1.5km later, take the third right turn amongst a cluster of houses.

After a while you start climbing again and you pass a forest.

Section 2

10 – 20km

Ignore the left turn at the top. Turn left when you reach a crossroads on the descent. Follow this road as it turns south [15km marker].

Ignore two narrow right turns and then keep right when the road forks soon after. Follow this road to a t-junction with the N71, where you turn left.

It is 1.2km to Ballydehob. Turn right at the t-junction at the edge of the village.

Section 3

20 – 32km

Cycle into Ballydehob past the statue of Danno and turn right on Church Road at the first crossroads beside Vincent Coughlan’s Pub. After 1.2km, take the second left turn, up a narrow road.

After a while you see Mount Gabriel ahead of you [25km marker]. After 5.0km on this road, you reach a t-junction. Turn left and climb gradually uphill. Ignore a cul-de-sac and you reach a right turn going up a hill.

###Optional detour up Mount Gabriel###
###5.6km return – approx 270m climbing###
Ride up this right turn. When the road forks you reach the turnoff for the top. The left fork takes you up to the radar station. The road is maintained by the Irish Aviation Authority.

Return the same way. After coming back to the fork, go right down the hill that you came up.  The mountain is the most prominent in the region, so naturally has outstanding views.

If you want to skip Mount Gabriel, go straight ahead and climb the short hill to a narrow gap. On the other side is a great descent.

When the road bends right, ignore the narrow left turn that goes straight ahead. Stay on this road all the way down into Schull. When you reach a t-junction in the village, Main Street is on your right.

The pier for the ferry to Cape Clear Island is straight ahead.