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Carnsore Point Cycle Route Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

From the train station entrance, turn right and go over the bridge. The road soon swerves left. Then you go through a roundabout, following the sign for Tagoat. Soon you are in the countryside. It is not far to Tagoat and Saint Mary’s Church.

Here you reach a t-junction with the N25. Turn left, and after 100m turn right to go south again. Beware of fast-moving traffic. From here it [5km marker] is 3.8km to the village of Our Lady’s Island.

Just beyond the village is a cemetery where the road curves right. Stay with it. Soon you will pass The Lobster Pot pub, which certainly looks inviting, but you will also be passing it on the way back.

Section 2

10 – 20km

After the pub, take the second left, where the wind turbines are clearly visible. It is unmarked. Ride down a hill to the sea and follow the road to the right. When you reach a dead end you can walk a few minutes along the track on the other side to reach Carnsore Point.

Return the same way, up the hill and take a left at the top to continue onwards towards Coombe Beach. It [15km marker] is 2.1km on a poor surface. Return the way you came. and then go back north towards Rosslare on the same road. Go north past the Lobster Pot.

Section 3

20 – 32km

When you reach the cemetery soon after, take a right turn. Keep straight through two crossroads. Stay on this road as it bends sharply left and ignore all turnoffs [25km marker].

Turn left when you reach the N25 and ride the short distance on the shoulder to the church at Tagoat. Turn right here and return to the train station the way you came – through the roundabout and follow the road around a right bend.