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Clifden Sky Road Cycle Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

At the junction of Main Street and the N59, follow the N59 north past the church. Take the first left, after a few metres, following the sign for the Sky Road. You go up a hill and after going down a short incline you see a driveway and a stone arch at the end of it. Clifden Castle is a short walk down the road leading off to the left. Or if you continue on, soon after this the road forks. Take the high road on the right [5km marker].

Go past the layby at the top of the hill – the high point of the ride – and down the other side until you reach a turnoff. You can turn left to do the detour to Eyrephort beach or right to return to Clifden.

###Optional detour to Eyrephort beach###
###3.0km return###
After taking the first left turn at the bottom of the hill, after a few metres the road forks. Take the right fork to go down to the secluded Eyrephort beach. When you return, you reach the junction again – turn left to return to Clifden by the back road.

Continue on this road as it bends right and back east to Clifden, behind the hills. You cycle alongside a lake on your left.

Section 2

10 – 16km

After you pass the lake, take the first right, a narrow road uphill. The surface is poor but it soon takes you to the N59. Turn right here. Stay on it for 2.6km as it goes uphill, then down into Clifden [15km marker]. It takes you back to the church at the junction you began at.