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Comeraghs Cycle Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

On exiting the train station turn left and ride around the corner. When you reach a roundabout turn left and then take the first right and cross the bridge.

Turn right at the roundabout on the other side of the bridge. This road bends left, then right and goes past numerous houses. Take the narrow left turn that goes up a hill in the direction you are travelling.

Go over a hill and down the other side. Turn left when you reach a t-junction and ignore the main road to your right. Go up this hill [5km marker] and keep straight all the way to the top. Go down the other side.

Section 2

10 – 20km

When you reach a t-junction turn left. Soon you come to 2 right turns together. Take the second one. Keep downhill and turn left again at the next t-junction.

This twisty road decends to another t-junction, where you turn left yet again on a wider road [15km marker]. Keep left as it goes over a bridge and starts climbing. Stay on this road all the way up.

Section 3

20 – 30km

Keep climbing to the top. There are great views north to Clonmel and Slievenamon and a couple of hairpins on the descent [25km marker]. When you reach a t-junction on the descent, turn left and keep going down.

Section 4

30 – 34km

Ignore all turnoffs and you reach the roundabout beside the river you passed earlier. Go straight through, over the bridge and left at the t-junction, retracing your steps from earlier. Turn right at the next roundabout and you reach the train station at the end of the road.