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Cork – Cobh Cycle Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

The route starts a couple of hundred metres from the station. Exit the main gate and turn left. This is one way so walk to the first left-hand turn-off.

Follow Railway Street to the quay and turn right. Take an immediate left across two bridges over the Lee. After the second, take the first left, down Albert Quay. This road then turns right and you go straight through a roundabout.

The road splits in two straight away by a service station. Take the left fork, Monahan Road. Take a right by the Ford garage to stay on this road. Then you reach a t-junction with Blackrock Road – turn left. After 900m you will see a Topaz garage. Turn right on Church Road. After another 900m, take a left on Skehard Road.

There is a SuperValu at this junction. [5km marker] After 500m, the road crosses a towpath. Instead of crossing the road, peel off to the left and turn left again to go under the main road and head south. After 2km this will bring you to the Rochestown Road after you turn right at a car park – the road is a few metres away..

Turn left on Rochestown road. After 100m you will take the first right, heading for Monkstown and – finally – out of the city. You climb the longest hill of the day but it is quite gentle.

Section 2

10 – 20km

After the top, take the first left turn up a slight rise. There are no signs. Over the crest, you roll downhill and can see Cobh Island ahead. Take a left when you reach the main road and continue downhill. At the bottom, look right and you can see the ferry slip.

After crossing on the ferry (1 euro for a one-way ticket), take a right on the main Cork – Cobh road. After just a few metres you turn left on the Tay Road and go up a sharp but short rise. At the top continue on [15km marker] until you reach a crossroads. Turn left here and go up the hill, turning right shortly after at a shrine.

Then take the second left, going uphill, and after enjoying the view at the top you spin down to a t-junction. Turn right.

Section 3

20 – 30km

The road hugs the north coast of the island and then heads inland. After 4.5km you reach a t-junction. The cul-de-sac on the left takes you to a small, secluded beach at East Ferry. If you ride in the other direction, the second left, after a kilometre [25km marker], takes you down another cul-de-sac to Ballybrassil beach.

After returning to the main road from Ballybrassil beach, turn left and continue west, past a school. Take the first left hand turn. This is Valley Road. After a kilometre it splits in two. Follow the higher road on the right.

When you rejoin the main road, turn left and roll down the hill to Cuskinny beach. Continue straight on, go up a steep hill and you will reach the outskirts of Cobh and Carrignafoy roundabout.

Section 4

30 – 32km

Go straight through the roundabout, past school playing fields and then down Bishop Street until you reach a t-junction. Turn left here and go downhill. Cobh Cathedral is at the corner. Continue straight past it and the road bends left with great views over the hatbour, through a crossroads until you reach the bottom of the hill after the road has narrowed.

Turn right here (the first right after the crossroads) and it is a short distance along the seafront to the Cobh: The Queenstown Story on your left and the train station behind it.

There is a monument to the Lusitania sinking on your right in Casement Square halfway along. Behind this is an archway. Go through it to see West View Hill which is monstrously steep. Unfortunately it is one way – downhill.