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Cushendun to Belfast Cycle Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

After crossing the bridge in Cushendun from north to south, turn right with the main road. When you reach a small roundabout, turn right. You cross back over the river and take a left at the t-junction. You start climbing very gradually.

You pass through a crossroads and then underneath a high bridge carrying the A2. You continue climbing slowly up the pretty glen [5km marker]. Keep going on this road.

Section 2

10 – 20km

Eventually you reach a t-junction – go left over the stone bridge. Immediately go right on the Old Cushendun Road. From here it is a steady [15km marker] 7.0km climb to the top beside Slievenorra Wood.

On the descent, ignore a right turn and keep straight.

Section 3

20 – 30km

Descend all the way to Newtown-Cromellin. When you reach a crossroads in the town, turn left. Stay on this road as it narrows outside the town and climbs gradually [25km marker].

When you go through through a wood and over the top of the hill you turn right at the t-junction.

Around the corner, turn left on Glenariff Road.

Section 4

30 – 40km

Glenariff Forest Park is on the right, 1.8km later

Continue past Glenariff Forest park on the descent down the glen. A superb view opens out. Take the first right turn, which forms a hairpin bend. Go downhill and [35km marker] left around the next hairpin.

From here it is 4.8km straight down the glen to Garron Road on the coast. Turn right at the junction.

Section 5

40 – 50km

Garron Road hugs the coastline [45km marker] all the way to Carnlough.

Section 6

50 – 60km

Ride straight through Carnlough. Follow Bay Road (the A2) along the coast [55km marker] to Glenarm.

In Glenarm, turn left after crossing the bridge to stay on the A2, which now becomes the Coast Road.

Section 7

60 – 70km

This road will take [65km marker] you to Ballygalley.

Go straight through Ballygalley on the Coast Road and around the headland beyond the village.

Section 8

70 – 80km

Continue all the way to Larne. Stay on the road as it leaves the coast to go inland and down a long straight [75km marker] to the Circular Road Roundabout. Take the first exit if you want to go to Larne Town train station.

Otherwise take the third exit to continue to Belfast – it immediately passes under the A8.

You are not on this wide road for long. Leave it by turning left at the first roundabout after passing under the bridge and going around the corner. Then take the first right at the corner.

Then take the left turn just before the road passes back under the A8. You start climbing up out of the town. After a long left bend, take the first right, Ballysnod Road, which is signed and opposite a pedestrian walkway. It continues uphill.

Section 9

80 – 90km

Stay on this road until you reach a t-junction, going uphill most of the way. Turn left. Take the next right at the first crossroads, by a church in Raloo [85km marker]. Take a left at the next t-junction, signed Ballynure and Carrickfergus.

This is Witch Hill Road. Take the third left, New Lane, on a bend with nice views ahead. It is signed. Ignore the immediate right turn.

Section 10

90 – 100km

Take the next right on Councillors Road. You soon reach a t-junction. Go right and then immediately left. Then take the first left on Slievetrue Road [95km marker]. After a long bend to the left this becomes Knockagh Road. Stay on it.

Go up a rise and then take the first right on Monument Road. Knockagh Monument is not far up it.

Return down the road and go left, back the way you came on Knockagh Road.

Section 11

100 – 110km

But this time take the first wide left turn (on the long bend) which goes downhill and descend all the way to the B90 where you turn right, and then immediately left on Monkstown Road. It is signed Whitehouse and Belfast.

After [105km marker] 1.5km you join the B59, where you keep left.

If you want to go to Whiteabbey station, go straight to the next roundabout, turn left on Station road, cross the railway and take the first left. Immediately there will be a sign for Whiteabbey station on a lane ahead of you. Go down it to the platform.

Otherwise take the first left on Monstown Avenue (before the roundabout). Ignore two estate entrances and take the first right turn. You pass under a bridge and turn right at the t-junction with the A2 at the coast.

The Lagan and Lough Cycle Way to Belfast is on your left 150m away.

It takes you into Belfast city centre.

When you pass the large, circular Waterfront Hall, turn to the right to Oxford Street. At the end of this road, turn left to reach the train station.