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Cycle Cork – Kinsale Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

From the train station, exit and walk left (the road is one-way) on the road that crosses over the tracks and down a hill. You can start cycling at the first left. This will take you to the quay, where you turn right, then immediately left and go straight across two bridges. The road widens.

As you turn the sharp corner, get in the right hand lane so you can go straight on at the crossroads. If there is too much traffic you can easily dismount at the crossroads and use the pedestrian crossing.

After going through the crossroads, take the first left at the Market Bar, signed Ballyphehane and Douglas. After 300m take the third right turn on Langford Row at a wide intersection.

Stay on this road for 900m through three crossroads as you go up a hill and the road bends right. Turn left on the narrow Friars Walk at the next crossroads.

Ride south on Friars Walk for 1.4km towards the hills outside the city. When you reach a t-junction turn right on Tramore Road, then left at the first roundabout. Cross over the ring road and go straight through the roundabout on the other side. Then take the first left on Forge Hill.

You start going up a steep hill [5km marker], and then cross the N27 where there are traffic lights. On the other side of the road, take the right where the road turns sharply left at the pub. Keep going uphill and you will have superb views behind you.

At the top of the hill you reach a t-junction with a larger road. The airport lies a short distance to the right but you go straight ahead.

Follow the road down the hill and take the first right after about a kilometre. This takes you down a hill into Ballygarvan.

Section 2

10 – 20km

When you reach the main road there, go right and take the first left turn after a few metres, by the school.

This road crosses a bridge and bends right. You start to climb up Doolieve hill. Go through a crossroads and then take the second right up a very narrow road. You soon emerge on a wider road, where you turn right.

At the next crossroads turn left, where you go downhill [15km marker] and then up an extremely steep hill.

After 2.4km you go through a staggered crossroads, go through another crossroads, and then down a steep hill. Turn right at the staggered crossroads at the bottom of the hill.

Ride 2.6km along this road.

Section 3

20 – 30km

Turn left when you reach the t-junction with the R600. Cycle into Belgooly.

Go straight through Belgooly and the road runs beside the narrow estuary. After a few corners [25km marker] it crosses to the other side of the estuary. You then cross another bridge before the road narrows slightly as it goes up a steep hill. At the top, turn left at the crossroads.

Then take the second right and this takes you down a hill to the bay. At the bottom you reach Charles Fort and can see Kinsale off to your right.

Turn right to head for Kinsale along the harbour.

Section 4

30 – 40km

Go straight up the steep hill and down the other side. Stay on the road as it turns right around a hairpin at The Spaniard pub. Then there is a left hairpin as you cross the river and go along the other side. Head into Kinsale and when you reach a t-junction at The White House pub, turn right.

You leave the town and the road turns sharply left. You pass through a crossroads and up a hill. Turn right at the next turn, signed Ballinhassig. Stay on the road as it bends left. At the next crossroads you reach, turn right on a very sharp turn going down a hill. It is signed the L3203.

Go down the hill and through Brownsmills [35km marker]. Keep straight on this road (the first left turn, at the beginning of a straight, leads to the ruin of Clontead Church, if you want to see it) and go up a hill, passing a sign on the right for the Irish Camp.

Section 5

40 – 50km

Go down the hill, through a crossroads and up another hill. On the descent of this hill you pass a shrine and continue [45km marker] to Ballinhassig. where you reach a t-junction. Turn left here.

You go up a wide hill and pass under the N71. Then the road turns left. The next right turn is a hairpin bend. Take it, then go straight and keep climbing up through Rearour. Pass through a crossroads and the road then bends left.

Take the next right turn through Briar Hill (it is opposite a cul de sac) and this will end up taking you back across the N71, where you reach a t-junction. Turn left.

Section 6

50 – 60km

Another road joins from the right. Keep straight and take the next right turn, uphill. At the top, go downhill, take the next left up a short rise [55km marker], then the next left again.

Enjoy the long descent with fantastic views into the city. Keep left when the road forks. At the bottom, turn right at the roundabout you reach. This will bring you over the N25 ring road.

Keep going straight on the Togher Road. At the second crossroads you will see The Lough. Keep straight past it. 750m later, you go down a hill and turn right at the crossroads at Galvin’s Off-license on the Bandon Road.

You soon turn left at the crossroads you reach and take the first right down a hill. Go right at the bottom of the hill.

Then immediately take the first left, go down the hill past St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, keep left and you reach the River Lee. Go left at the t-junction and then cross the river.

Section 7

60 – 63km

You reach a crossroads with Lancaster Quay. Keep straight on the narrow street that is just to the left of the other side of the road. Then keep straight through another staggered crossroads until you reach the river again.

Follow the quay and take the third bridge on the left, Patrick’s Bridge. Patrick’s Street on the right is easily recognisable thanks to its width, paving stones and unusual street lights.

Cross the bridge and take the second right down MacCurtain Street, at the bottom of Patrick’s Hill. This will take you all the way to the train station.