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Cycle Enniskillen to Derry Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

After crossing Ann Street Bridge from the west, turn left and go downhill. The road turns right and reaches a roundabout. Turn left here and go over the bridge. After 1.5km you reach another roundabout. Turn left, signed Irvinestown and Omagh.

After another 3km, there are signs for the Devenish Islands Ferry, a narrow left turn within sight of a large roundabout. It’s [5km marker] 1.4km to the pier (turn left at the water).

When you return to the main road, turn left and continue north the way you were going. At the nearby roundabout, take the second exit for Omagh.

After 800m you leave the A road and take the first right, signed Ballinamallard and Trillick.

Section 2

10 – 20km

It is 3.9km on this road to a roundabout in Ballinamallard. Go straight through, and after passing a church aand then playground, take the uphill turn on the left as the road bends right.

After 1.8km you cross a stone bridge over a stream. Take the left turn down a narrow road immediately [15km marker]. This soon brings you back to the main road, where you turn left. It’s a kilometre to Kilskeary. Once you pass a church on your left, the road forks. Keep left on the main road.

It’s 3.7km to Trillick.

Section 3

20 – 30km

Follow the road as it curves right in Trillick, signed B46 Dromore. After another 1.4km, take the narrow right when the road forks – Killyfuddy Road. The road goes up and down [25km marker] for 4km, until a right turn meets it near the top of a hill.

Take the sharp left soon after this. 300m later, take a left at the t-junction with a wider road (Tonnagh Road), then take the first right another 300m later.

Section 4

30 – 40km

After 3.2km you reach a t-junction. Go right and then immediately left. You reach a crossroads with the B46 450m later. Go straight through.

After [35km marker] 5.0km you reach the third crossroads on this stretch. Turn left onto Loughmuck Road. Stay on this road through many turns. You pass a small church on your left. Follow the main road as it turns several corners.

Section 5

40 – 50km

3.1km after passing the church you reach a t-junction at a housing estate on the edge of Omagh. Turn right. Soon you reach a t-junction with the A32. Turn right again to go into Omagh.

Continue straight and you will reach the one-way system at a church. Turn right at the second church just after it, down George’s Street. Go down the hill to reach tthe pedestrianised section of High Street. Continue left down the hill.

At the bottom of High Street you can go left and cross the river, or you can walk straight ahead along Market Street to the memorial at the site of the bombing. It is on the right before the first crossroads.

Then take the immediate left – only one lane of four goes this way. The Omagh Memorial Garden is on the right after the bridge. Continue on a couple of hundred yards to the first crossroads. Walking this saves a couple of awkward right turns.

If coming from the memorial garden go right at the crossroads. If you came straight from High Street, continue straight through it. You pass a GAA pitch on your left and a very small Baptist church on your right.

Then you pass a playground and a park on your left. At the end of the park take the right turn at the shop – Killybrack Road [45km marker].

Keep straight on this road and you leave the town. Turn left on Edenbrack Road when you reach a t-junction, cycle around the corner and then turn right on Corran Road.

Go through a crossroads and then turn left on Rylagh Road at the next t-junction. Go through another crossroads.

Section 6

50 – 60km

Stay on this road as it bends left and reaches a t-junction with the B48 (Glenpark Road). Turn right.

After 4.5km on this road, going slowly uphill, to [55km marker] the entrance for Gortin Glen Forest Park Drive on the right. You pass the exit first and the entrance is soon after, clearly marked.

It is a one-way loop. The views are great. The surface is very poor in a couple of spots but it’s never bad for long.

Section 7

60 – 70km

When you reach the main road again after leaving Gortin Glen, turn right. After 200m, turn left on Lisnaharney Road. Keep on this [65km marker] for 4.8km, then turn right at the t-junction with Reaghan Road.

The mountain of Bessy Bell is ahead of you. After 2.3km turn right again at the next t-junction, with Carrigan’s Road. Follow the sign for Newtownstewart.

Section 8

70 – 80km

Turn left at the next t-junction, 2.0km later. You cross a stone bridge and reach a t-junction at a ramp. Go left and up to the A5. Turn right here for Londonderry and Strabane.

You cross the river again and take the first right, signed Gortin and Douglas Bridge. Take the immediate left for Douglas Bridge on Douglas Road [75km marker]. The village of Douglas Bridge is 5km away on this road with great views of distant hills.

Once you cross the bridge there in the village, turn right immediately on Knockiniller Road. You go up a short rise and turn left on Erin Road. Soon you reach a t-junction where you turn left. The road bends right, and then you take the first right, on Bearney Road.

Section 9

80 – 90km

After 4.8km you go down a hill and turn left at the first t-junction [85km marker] and continue downhill. You can see Strabane in the distance. You reach a t-junction at the end of the hill. Turn right for Strabane.

You ride beside the river and reach a small roundabout in 1.4km. Continue straight into the town. Take the second left, after 260m, at a small square. Go down Railway Street for 450m and go straight through two large roundabouts, following the signs for Lifford.

You soon cross the river (into the Republic) and go downhill to a roundabout. Go straight through, following the signs for Letterkenny.

Section 10

90 – 100km

After 2.3km the road straightens and goes uphill. You go past a pub by a right turn and reach a crossroads 200m later at the top of the hill. Take the right turn here, which continues in the direction that you are going.

Go over a small hill and down the other side [95km marker]. Ignore all turnoffs. You climb again a little as you pass to the right of a hill. When you reach a t-junction after going up a short rise, go right.

Section 11

100 – 107km

At the next t-junction, with the R265. Turn left, signed St Johnston. Ride into the village.
3.8km further on, after passing through the village of Carrigans [105km marker], take a right turn on a dangerous left bend with poor visibility.

This road is very narrow. Take the second left as the road bends right. You cross back into Northern Ireland here. After 700m you go past a left turn. The right turn for the bicycle path is just beyond it.

Section 12

Cycle into Derry along the Foyle Valley. After you pass under the double-decker bridge. You pass a roundabout on your left and the river bends left. At the next left turn, cross the road and take it.

This is Water Street. Go left immediately and the bus station is on the left here on Foyle Street.