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Cycle Explorer Software

We build in integrated websites and smartphones apps to help our customers set themselves apart and attract cyclists to their area. We combine our technical expertise and passion for cycling with your local knowledge to end up with the best of both worlds.

Our customers include tourism bodies, chambers of commerce and bicycle rental businesses. and the Cycle Ireland iPhone and Android apps are our flagship product.

How it works

The website:

  1. Captures web searches
  2. Showcases your routes with photos and videos and addresses any issues that users may have
  3. Offers the app download

The smartphone app:

  1. Offers turn-by-turn directions – no need to check the map.
  2. Offers locations and contact details for attractions and local businesses – no stress on a ride.
  3. Offers alerts if the user goes the wrong way – no more getting lost.


We have transparent pricing comprised of three elements:
1) Website cost
2) Number of routes
3) Apps cost
4) Any additional services, such as graphical elements or video editing.

After an initial conversation we are happy to present a quote with an easy-to-understand breakdown so that you can amend any element of it easily. Many of our customers have long lead times or apply for funding, so need flexible . We are happy to assist with any funding applications that you may have.

How much is a cycle tourist worth?

The European Leisure Cycling Market is worth an estimated €44 billion euro according to a 2012 European Parliament study (PDF).

173,000 overseas visitors engaged in cycling in 2011 in Ireland while spending €200 million.

Failte Ireland have identified 721,000 potential cycle toursists in Ireland, along with 19.5 million in Germany, Britain, France and The Netherlands.

Failte Ireland Cycling Market Research (PDF)