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Cycle Ireland App

The Cycle Ireland App saves you time planning trips, saves time navigating and is now available on iPhone and Android.

With the app you have all the info you need in your pocket and offline. It’s your guide to 100 fantastic routes with over 6800 kilometres of cycling. With the Cycle Ireland app exploring Ireland by bike is easy.

Local info in your pocket – no need to stress

You need a repair? Lunch? Water? A taxi? All attractions, local useful services and their contact details are 1 click away. Kilometre markers let you quickly check distances while offline. No more stress on a ride.

No need to check maps

It gives you turn-by-turn directions referencing visual cues, for example “turn left by the church and go up the hill through two crossroads”. No need to check the map.

No more getting lost

Worried you missed a turn? One glance tells you that you are still on the route, so it’s up ahead. No need to check the map. If you do miss it, you will be alerted straightaway – no more getting lost.

No barriers to fantastic rides

It’s designed to be carried in your pocket and to conserve battery life. All features, including the map, can be used offline. You only check it when you need to.

Please note that the offline map is only available on all iPhones and phones that run Android 4.4 (Kitkat). This restriction is due to performance issues. All devices can access the online map.

Download the app, pick a route, travel to the start and you are ready to go – it’s that simple.

Get inspired to Cycle Ireland

Each of the 100 routes has a photo gallery (with up to 28 photos), video, description and useful tips for getting there. Or you can pick a route on and then use the app on your ride.

The app and site feature 50 looped routes and 50 linear routes, from 9 to 190 kilometres. It has something for everyone. Our routes go through Ireland’s most scenic areas and past hundreds of top attractions. Pick the sections you want to ride or use them as inspiration for your own routes. If you want to cycle in new places in Ireland, this is the app for you.

Try it for free

The free version has 4 routes for you to try out – one in each region of Ireland.

The Cycle Ireland App

The Cycle Ireland App