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Cycle Killarney National Park Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

From the train station, cycle out to the main road and turn left. At Kenmare Place, where the jarveys wait, take the second exit, between the stone wall and the large hotel. Turn left where there are four stone pillars and go through the gate.

Go right, over the small bridge, and take the next left and go past the small building. Go through a crossroads, over a bridge and immediately right.

This road swings round by the lake. When you reach a t-junction, go right [5km marker]. Soon you reach Ross Castle, off to the right.

Take the path leading away from Ross Castle (a left turn at the castle) and it leads on to Ross Road. Follow this for 2.3km to the N71. Turn right.

Section 2

10 – 20km

Cycle for 3.9km, past a car park whch is an entrance for the jarveys. Opposite Molly Darcy’s is an entrance to the right into the park. Take this. Go for 1.2km and you reach a crossroads with a triangular patch of grass. Go straight through and then turn left at the t-junction a few metres later.

Follow this winding path [15km marker] to Dinis Cottage.

Continue the same way and you will reach the N71, where you go left.

Section 3

20 – 31km

You will soon pass Torc Waterfall on your right, which is only a few metres walk from the road. Turn left here to reach a path just off the road, and follow it to the left. It swings around by a lake and leads past Muckross House to the crossroads with a triangular patch of grass you passed earlier. Turn right to go back the way you came.

When you reach thre N71, turn left to go back [25km marker] to Killarney. You will eventually reach Kenmare Place. Go around it and take the exit for Cork. The train station is just around the corner on the right.