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Cycle Ring of Kerry – Killarney to Waterville Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

From the train station, cycle out to the main road and turn right towards the roundabout and the friary. Turn left at the roundabout and cycle along Fair Hill. Keep straight as you continue onto narrow Plunkett Street and emerge after 400m onto Main Street.

Turn right here onto the cobbles, and after 450m you emerge onto Rock Road at a junction. Take an immediate left onto New Road, and then turn right onto Port Road after 600m. You will soon reach the Ballydowney roundabout where you will turn left on the N72.

Cycle [5km marker] for 5.1km along the N72 until you turn left on Gap Road, just after you pass through the village of Fossa. There are signs for the Gap of Dunloe and Kate Kearney’s Cottage.

As you cycle along Gap Road, the Gap of Dunloe will begin to reveal itself to you as you look ahead. The road swerves sharply right.

Section 2

10 – 20km

Then it bends left before you reach a crossroads. There is a sign for the Gap of Dunloe to the left, but you go straight ahead.

Stay on this road for 3.9km and you reach the first crossroads at Carhoonahone [15km marker]. Go straight through it.

###Optional detour to Cronin’s Yard###
###5.8km return – approx 70m climbing###
Just after going through the crossroads, the first left is signed Carrauntohill. Cycle 2.9km up here to reach Cronin’s Yard tearooms, where the hike to Ireland’s highest peak begins.

Continue west (left if returning from Cronin’s yard) the way you were going. Ignore numerous turnoffs on both sides. Views of the peninsula and the mountains begin to open up.

Section 3

20 – 30km

When there is a right turnoff and the road bends left and is signed for Glencar, keep left and it is [25km marker] 5.0km from here to Lough Acoose. You reach one t-junction on the way, where you turn left. You reach the lough after a short climb.

Section 4

30 – 40km

You pass the Climber’s Inn at the first crossroads, in Glencar. Go straight through it and after 1.5km the first left is signed Ballabeamagh Gap.

###Optional detour to Ballabeamagh Gap###
###16.6km return – Climb 240m Descend 240m###
The first 3km are flat. When the road curves right, ignore a left turn for Bridia Valley. The road climbs. Ignore a left turn. At the top, in a narrow gap between two hills, you need to go a little way down the other side to see the valley. Return the way you came.

Continue west the way you were going [35km marker]. It is a 7km climb to the top of Ballaghasheen pass, a 250m rise. There are, frankly, incredible views both east and west from the top.

Section 5

40 – 50km

After the descent, stay on the road as it bends left and goes over a stone bridge and [45km marker] then take the second left, signed Doire Ianna, on a narrow road. Ignore the sign for Waterville leading straight ahead.

Go uphill to a small plateau with more great views.

Section 6

50 – 62km

After the descent, you reach Coshcummeragh Crossroads, which has a shrine. Go straight through.

Continue on the long straight stretch of road [55km marker]. Stay on the road as it passes Lough Currane and then goes through a crossroads. You see more houses as you approach Waterville. Eventually you reach a crossroads with Main Street. Go through it and you reach the N70 after a few yards.