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Cycle Sligo to Carrick-on-Shannon Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

From the train station, cycle out to the main road and turn left. Straight away you cross the N4. Take the next right on Adelaide Street and head south. Stay on this road as you pass St John’s Cathedral on your left.

At the next crossroads there are 5 roads. Continue straight on to Mail Coach Road. Soon you reach a t-junction. Turn right onto Pearse Road. After going uphill for 500m the road turns right.

At this corner go left on Cairns Road, past the small stadium.

Once you leave the city, take the first left, up a steep rise and signed Lough Gill. This is Green Road, and there are great views of the lake going down the other side of the hill.

At the bottom, turn right and [5km marker] then right again. Soon you see a sign for Tobernalt Holy Well.

Continue in the direction you were going and you soon reach a t-junction with the R287, where you turn left. Cycle around the corner and take the first right turn, signed Ballysadare.

After 1.5km you go through a crossroads with two narrow roads. Shortly after, turn left on the R284 at the second crossroads, at a cluster of houses.

Section 2

10 – 20km

Stay on this road for 5.0km and you reach the village of Ballygawley.

After passing through the tiny village, take the first right turn on the R290 at a wide junction, signed Collooney. Take the first left turn down a narrow road, which you soon reach.

You cycle on a long straight [15km marker], and then after several bends you turn left at a t-junction.

Stay on this road and ignore the turnoff as it bends right.

Section 3

20 – 30km

Turn right when you reach a t-junction. After another 1.3km you reach the small village of Riverstown. Take the right turn in the centre of the village beside the Corner House Bar.

This immediately bends left and brings you over a bridge to the entrance of Sligo Folk Park.

Continue on and take the first left after a few metres, and then go past a church. After 1.0km, take the first left, down a narrow road [25km marker].

After 4.6km you reach a t-junction, where you turn right. Stay on this road as it bends right and reaches Castlebaldwin at a crossroads with the N4.

Cross the N4 and go up the road to the right of McDermott’s Pub. Go up the hill and take the first left turn, which is beside a house and goes straight ahead, uphill.

Section 4

30 – 40km

Ignore three very narrow left turns, keep going uphill and after 3.0km, take the fourth left turnoff, signed Carrowkeel Tombs. This turn goes up a steep hill for a few metres.

Follow the road as it bends right, passes through a gate and continues to climb. The surface deteriorates close to the top but remains rideable. There are great views from the top [35km marker].

Go back down the road to the turnoff and turn left to continue the way you were going. You soon go down a long hill.

Section 5

40 – 50km

Turn left when you reach a t-junction. This road soon brings you to a t-junction with the R295, where you turn left again.

Ignore a narrow left turn and take the second left, which leads off the main road at a shallow angle. Cycle along this road and take the first right turn, up a narrow road.

You go up [45km marker] a poorly surfaced but short hill to a t-junction with the R295 again at Derrygolagh, where you turn left.

Almost immediately you pass a left turn which is little more than a track but after 1.6km, take the next left down a narrow road. You cycle beside a hill with great views to your right.

Section 6

50 – 60km

Cycle until you reach a t-junction. Turn right and cycle straight down the hill all the way to Boyle. When you reach the first crossroads in the town, go straight through, across the bridge and then turn left.

Go down the street and left at the roundabout at the end. Cross back over the river and right at the next roundabout. Boyle Abbey is on your right.

Continue over a bridge and out of the town [55km marker]. You reach a t-junction. Turn right and immediately left by the arch and you cross over the N4. The next left will take you into Lough Key Forest Park.

If the park is closed, keep right and you reach the N4, where you turn left. It has a good shoulder. The second left turn is where you emerge from the park if you go through it.

If you go into the park, keep right at the first fork, then ignore a left soon after. You pass between two pillars and keep straight to reach the N4, where you turn left.

Section 7

60 – 70km

Cycle around the first right bend and take the first left turn after that, on the L1015, running down a slight hill. It is signed Cootehall [65km marker].

After crossing the bridge in the village go straight through the immediate crossroads, then turn right at the next one soon after. Keep going and you pass a lake on your right.

Section 8

70 – 75km

Keep cycling on this road. You cross another bridge before entering Carrick-on-Shannon. Turn right when you reach the t-junction with the R280 at the edge of the town.

This soon take you to Main St, where you turn right again. Costello Chapel is on the corner of Bridge Street, the first left turn. Continue down Bridge Street, go through the roundabout and cross the river.

Turn left at the first roundabout you reach. Soon you pass under the railway tracks and immediately turn right to go into the train station.