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Cycle Sligo – Strandhill Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

From the train station, cycle out to the main road and turn left. Straight away you cross the N4. Take the next right on Adelaide Street and head south. Stay on this road as you pass St John’s Cathedral on your left. At the next crossroads there are 5 roads. Continue straight on to Mail Coach Road. Soon you reach a t-junction.

Turn right on Pearse Road. After going uphill for 500m the road turns right. At this corner go left on Cairns Road, past the small stadium.

Once you leave the city, take the first left, up a steep rise and signed Lough Gill. This is Green Road, and there are great views of Lough Gill going down the other side of the hill. At the bottom, turn right [5km marker] and then right again. Soon you see a sign for Tobernalt Holy Well.

Continue in the direction you were going and you soon reach a t-junction with the R287, where you turn right. After a while you turn right at a t-junction and immediately go straight through a roundabout, following the sign for Oakfield. Then you cross a bridge over the N4. Stay on this road and you go underneath the railway.

Ignore the immediate left, but take the next left turn 900m after the railway bridge. You can see Knocknarea in the distance.

Section 2

10 – 20km

Take the first right up a narrow road. This road curves left and reaches a t-junction. Go left here. Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery is 600m away, just after the first turnoff.

Continue in the same direction and turn right at the first roundabout you reach, by a church. Stay on this road as it goes steadily uphill, and turn left at the first crossroads [15km marker] and continue uphill. Just after the top, there is a sign for Knocknarea car park on the right.

Continue the same way down the hill to the R292 and turn right along the coast for some lovely views. Stay on this road as goes up a short rise and enters Strandhill.

After passing entrances to three estates on the left, turn left by a pub to go down to the beach, keeping straight all the way.

Section 3

20 – 30km

On the way back from the beach, take the left turn by the church to return to the R292, and turn left at the t-junction there. This road will take you [25km marker] all the way to Sligo and the train station, which is on your left just before you cross the N4 as you did to begin the ride.