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Enniskillen to Malin Head Cycle Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

Go north from the roundabout on Queen Elizabeth Road on the A32, signed Irvinestown and Omagh. Cross the bridge and go left when you reach the roundabout. 1.0km later take the second right turn, signed Mullaghmeen.

Stay on this road [5km marker] for 6.2km and then turn left when you reach a t-junction. Cycle to the roundabout and turn right there when you reach Ballinamallard.

Go through the village and you pass an old church on your left. Then, after passing a playground, take the uphill turn on the left as the road bends right.

Section 2

10 – 20km

After 1.8km you cross a stone bridge over a stream. Take the left turn down a narrow road immediately. This soon brings you back to the main road, where you turn left at the t-junction. It’s a kilometre to Kilskeary.

At the edge of the village, before you pass the church, take the first left, and then take the first right 100m later after crossing a stone bridge [15km marker].

When you reach a t-junction after 1.9km, turn left on the Magheralough Road. Ignore numerous turnoffs for 5.7km.

Section 3

20 – 30km

You cross the A32. Go straight through this crossroads, following the sign for Drumquin. Stay on this road for 2.8km and you reach a t-junction. Keep left and you are on the B84 [25km marker].

After 1.9km you cross a main road, the B4. Go straight through.

Section 4

30 – 40km

After 7.0km you cross a bridge and reach a t-junction where you turn left on the B50, signed Drumquin. Ride in to the village [35km marker].

Shortly after leaving Drumquin, you reach a junction with two left turnoffs on a right hand bend. Take the second left, that continues downhill in the direction that you are going.

Take the first right turn on a very narrow road, and then take the next right turn. This leads you to a crossroads with the B50, which you go straight through.

Section 5

40 – 50km

Soon you begin a long, dead-straight climb. As you go up there are great views behind you. You pass Drumlegagh Church on the way. Keep going straight. When you crest the top, ignore all turnoffs on the descent [45km marker].

6.2km after the top, and after a long descent, you reach a t-junction in a village, where you turn left and cross a narrow stone bridge.

On the other side of the river take the immediate right turn, signed Victoria Bridge, and ride up the hill.

Section 6

50 – 60km

After 2.8km and descending the other side of the hill, you reach a t-junction at the edge of Victoria Bridge. Turn right and cycle under the A5 road.

Go straight through a mini roundabout, down the hill and cross the river. Take the first left on the other side of the bridge, signed Strabane. Stay on this road [55km marker] all the way to Strabane.

Approaching the town, you ride beside the river and reach a mini roundabout. Continue straight into the town.

Section 7

60 – 70km

Take the second left, after 260m, which is at a small square. Go down Railway Street for 450m and go straight through two large roundabouts, following the signs for Lifford.

You soon cross the river (crossing into the Republic) and go downhill to a roundabout. Go straight through, following the signs for Letterkenny. After 2.3km the road straightens and goes uphill.

You go past a pub by a right turn and reach a crossroads 200m later at the top of the hill. Take the right turn here, which continues in the direction that you are going [65km marker].

Go over a small hill and down the other side. Ignore all turnoffs. You climb again a little as you pass to the right of a hill. When you reach a t-junction after going up a short rise, go right.

Section 8

70 – 80km

At the next t-junction, with the R265, turn left, signed St Johnston. Ride into the village.

After passing through the village, take the first left, up a short hill, on the R265 [75km marker]. The road bends right and you pass through a crossroads. Leave the main road by taking the next right and then take the first left after that, up a very narrow road.

After the road bends right, take the first left turn, also a very narrow road.

Section 9

80 – 90km

You soon go through a crossroads and onto the L2121. When you reach a t-junction, go right and then take the first left to begin the climb up to the Grianan of Aileach.

It is a stiff climb up, with a short dip [85km marker], ahead of which you can se the hill with the Grianan before you finish climbing to the top. The actual entrance is on the right near the highest point of the road.

Continue the way you were going and down the hill until you reach a t-junction, where you turn left. Continue downhill and you reach the N13. Go right and then immediately left (this is a staggered crossroads) to continue in the direction you were going. Soon after, stay on the road as it swerves right.

Section 10

90 – 100km

At the end of the next straight you reach a t-junction with the R239. Go left, signed Buncrana. After 200m the road becomes the R238. This is Burnfoot.

Keep straight [95km marker]. It is 5km to the village of Fahan. Stay on the main road as you go through it. At the far edge of Fahan you pass a sign reading Amazing Grace Country.

Section 11

100 – 110km

You pass a couple of beaches on your left on the way to Buncrana. As you reach the village take the first exit on the roundabout. You then cross a bridge.

After crossing the bridge the road turns away from the beach. Take the first left on St Mary’s Road. At the first small roundabout keep straight ahead. Buncrana Main Street is on your right, but ignore it.

After the roundabout, keep straight on the main road [105km marker]. You pass a church as you leave Buncrana. The main road swings inland. Stay on it as it gradually climbs.

Section 12

110 – 120km

After you go through a crossroads it is 3.0km to Meentahalla Junction, which is an isolated left turn leading uphill. Take it – it is signed Carndonagh.

The road continues uphill past a long line of houses. You then cycle between a mountain on your left and a lake on your right [115km marker].

Once you crest the top of the hill there is one short rise before the descent proper. On the descent take the first left turn, near the bottom and beside a house and easy to miss.

Section 13

120 – 130km

After 2.2km this brings you to a t-junction with the R242, where you turn left and cycle into Carndonagh.

Go straight through Carndonagh. Go through [125km marker] the roundabout in the town and keep straight. After 2.9km the road curves along the coast and crosses a low bridge into Malin.

Section 14

130 – 140km

Immediately after this, take the first left turn. This road goes out along the coast again. When the road starts going uphill, [135km marker] ignore the left turnoff to Five Fingers Strand.

Take the first left turn on the hill (a narrow road which runs alongside but above the main road) and then go straight through the crossroads. Go over the top of the hill and down the other side. When you reach a t-junction in Keenagh townland, turn right.

You immediately reach a t-junction, where you turn left, signed Malin Head.

Section 15

140 – 145km

Stay on this road and follow it all the way to Malin Head. You pass beside the coast and then climb a small hill. After several corners, you take the next paved right turn to Malin Head.