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Cycle Explorer Software FAQs

How much does it cost?

This is a highly-specific off-the-shelf software solution and is very cost-effective. We use our experience and efficient processes to minimise the cost to our clients.

We are happy to discuss our fees in a conversation with you and break them down precisely. But our customers have wildly differing needs so a quick chat about your exact situation will give us a useful starting point. Then you can amend to quote to suit yourself.

What content is required?

We are happy to give advice and assistance in collecting any of the content required. We do this for a living – we are good at it.

We require the following pieces of content:

1) Route gpx file
2) Route description
3) Attractions and services details
4) Photos
5) Video

We do recommend making a video of each route but it is not mandatory. We can give you the full benefit of our experience in collecting the content for over 100 routes on Cycle Ireland. We like to be efficient and fast. You decide exactly what you need from us.

Can I do do this in stages?

Yes – of course. You can just invest in the website and add the smartphone apps whenever you like.

What Content Management System do you use?

We use the world’s most popular CMS – WordPress. This gives you great flexibility in the future – you are not restricted to a proprietary system.

How much does maintenance cost?

Basic maintenance includes occasional site backups and updates. You can engage whoever you like to do this work, whether it is us or somebody else. If you want somebody to occasionally update the content, we can do that too. We can outline typical scenarios during an initial conversation about the project and you can decide what you want at a later date.

What if I want to make changes?

Then you can make them! Our help documents show you how to do so, or you can engage us to do it for you. This makes sense if it is only occasional updates but the choice is entirely yours.

Why should I buy this from you instead of somebody else?

We believe that we can beat anyone on price and we have experience in doing exactly this. You can examine the quality of the product that you are buying by checking this website and the Cycle Ireland App.

How many routes do I need to have?

You can have any amount, from 1 upwards. Our software is perfect for implementation with a small number of routes as it is cost-effective and flexible enough for your needs.

Can I feature a route on Cycle Ireland?

You can but we would need to discuss the route in detail before we can definitively say yes or no. Our routes fit a number of criteria and we would need to see how any proposed route complements them.

What is the process?

We break the entire process down into several steps:

1) Agreement on the scope of the project.
2) Website is developed with placeholder content
3) You provide the content that you have developed
4) Once the website is complete to your satisafction (even if some content is placeholders), we start development of the apps.
5) You sign off on the apps, they are released and the project is complete.

How long does it take?

Many of our customers have long lead times, but 2 months from signoff to completion is a realistic timeframe.