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How much does it cost?

The free version has 4 routes for you to try out and the full version has 100 routes covering 6884 kilometres of cycling for €4.99. We believe that if it helps you enjoy one great day out then it pays for itself, with another 99 included.

How do you choose the routes?

We start by picking the nicest scenery in Ireland, then getting the top attractions and finding the quietest and most scenic roads between them. We have a lot of routes along the west coast which is popular with cycle tourists and also near Dublin.

50 of the routes are linear and 50 are looped, so there is something for everyone. Some linear routes are designed to be combined into a weekend trip or a few days cycling.

We have cycle toured in multiple countries and designed this app to help cyclists navigate Ireland’s empty and magnificent network of backroads where signs of any kind are rare.

You can check out any parts of the routes on Google Streetview on to check if they suit you. All routes are surfaced, with the notable exception of the Great Western Greenway in Westport and are suitable for road bikes.

How can I judge if a route is suitable for me?

By seeing how far it is, by checking the profile of it on the statistics tab, by looking through the photo gallery and watching the video on the app or the website. If there is a section you want to see in detail you can view any part of the route in Streetview. You have all of the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Are these routes signed?

No. There are multiple signed routes in Ireland but the app is not designed to rate, describe or categorise them. The signed routes were designed in different time periods by different people for different purposes.

Cycle Ireland is designed to help cyclists find and navigate the best cycling in Ireland. All 100 routes are on the quietest roads past the top attractions in the most scenic areas. It’s that simple.

When will there be new routes?

Once we get feedback on how people like to use the routes we intend to add more in the summer of 2014. We haven’t made a decision yet on whether to charge for additional routes or to make them free for buyers of the app.

We will research the type of routes that our customers want and then give them what they want.

How should I use it?

The routes are suggestions – ride all or part of them, skip sections or use them as inspiration for your own routes. The info on local attractions and services will be useful even if you cycle different routes in the areas that the app covers. Cycling is all about freedom. Wherever you are, you won’t be too far from a great piece of cycling, and all the details will be in your pocket.

Is the entire app usable offline?

The online map is the default. To download the offline map go into Settings. The markers, turn-by-turn directions and alerts can all be used offline. You can delete it after your trip to save space on your phone.

On the ride info pages, the text can be viewed offline but the images and videos can only be viewed on an internet connection. Also, these tips pages can only be viewed offline.

Are Strava and Google Maps better?

We love Strava but it is primarily a training aid – it doesn’t have locations of useful services and attractions, it doesn’t have turn-by-turn-directions, it doesn’t have alerts if you go the wrong way and it doesn’t have 1600 photos and 100 videos to inspire you to get out and cycle in amazing new places. We do. We help you explore beautiful new places by bike – the speed you go at and the distance you travel is your choice.

Google Maps is good for commuting but Cycle Ireland is designed for fun trips and works offline – vital when you go to the remotest and most beautiful areas.

Can I use it with a mount?

You can, although it is not needed. We wanted to remove the barriers from enjoying great cycling trips, and that includes buying/breaking/forgetting handlebar mounts.

The app is designed to be carried in your pocket and consulted only when needed, which saves battery life and makes it easy to use.

The downloadable map is big

It is, being 408Mb, but is intended to only be stored on your phone temporarily for your trip. After you are done you can delete it and it will still be there for you to download when you need it again. It needs to be this size to provide enough detail for you to navigate easily.

I got an error downloading the map

Most likely it was a problem with your internet connection that caused it. Please try again. If your screen dims during the download it can cause an issue on some phones so disable that or turn off the screen manually during the download.

Some markers can be obscured

If they are obscured on the offline map, just press the markers button and remove some types temporarily. With the online map you can also zoom in for a clearer view.

Directions pages have an issue in iPhone

There is a minor issue on the Directions pages, where part of the last line of a few paragraphs gets cut off. It’s still readable, and appears fully when you scroll back up the page. We are working on fixing this.

Who are Cycle Ireland?

Cycle Ireland is a new business dedicated to making it easier to explore Ireland by bike. We are not  an official body don’t have the resources of the state, so if you like the site or app, please tell people and share it online. The more successful we are, the more we can do to make cycling in this country better. The app is targeted at the 721,000 people in Ireland who would like to do a cycle trip here, along with the 170,000 visitors from abroad who cycle here each year. We want every single one of them to buy the app.

The second thing we do is provide digital infrastructure for destination management organisations, tour operators and bicycle hire companies looking to exploit the €44 billion European leisure cycling market. If you are in this industry and want to improve your digital offering for visitors, take a look at to see more on how our integrated web and app platform can help you and drop us a line at

Some of these routes are a bit long

We have routes from 9 to 197km. The great thing is, if you are looking for short routes, you can ride parts of the longer routes – plenty of them have opportunites to cut them short. More and more people are travelling in Ireland with bike racks on their cars and camper vans – perfect to cycle for an hour or two and meet up down the road. You can easily do this on sections of our longer routes that you like and are near.

Some of these routes are a bit hilly

Our attitude to hills is this: we don’t mind them as long as there is a view at the top. There are parts of the country in Cork, Waterford, Wicklow and other parts where you can spend all day going up and down small hills but we prefer the really scenic roads and climbs.

With our first 100 routes we wanted to cover the most spectacular roads and they tend to be the ones with climbs. But climbs in Ireland offer great views compared to those of a similar height in other countries thanks to the isolation of our mountain ranges – visibility can be extraordinary. Most of the hard climbs in Ireland involve less than 300m of climbing – pimples by European standards.

Are there child-friendly routes?

Better to think of traffic-free rather than child-friendly. Every child has a different level of ability and experience so they are not easily-categorised. Two of our routes are almost traffic-free – the Great Western Greenway in Westport, Mayo and Killarney National Park Loop in Killarney, Kerry.

You should also check out our detours on routes such as Tralee to Dingle – they generally go up narrow cul-de-sacs with very little traffic.

Can I get my business on the app?

If you cater to cyclists and are among the types of business we list on the app, please email us at and we will do our best to include you.

What is the future for the app?

I’m glad you asked. We plan to include more routes – more looped rides and more routes connecting the main cities, along with more themed routes. We also want to find out more about exactly the information that our users want and if we don’t have it we will include it. We do regular surveys on the site so if you want to tell us something about the future development of the app and site, please fill in one of these ten question surveys. It helps us to place suggestions and information within the context of the types of cyclists that use the app, whether they are daytrippers, tourers, families, couples etc.

We have big plans for the future but they will be revealed in good time.

I really like the app

Great! Please tell people about it. The more people who use it, the more we can do to make cycling in Ireland better for everyone! Also, tell people in the tourism industry about it. We want to spread the word far and wide.

Issues and problems with the app:

Email and tell us the problem. We try to keep all of the information on the app up to date, but if there is something that we have missed, please let us know.

When was the app released?

The app was released in April 2014 on iPhone and Android.