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How it works

How to use the app

The app saves you time planning trips and saves you time navigating. It features 6884 kilometres of cycling across 100 of the most beautiful routes in Ireland and has something for everyone.

Go to the route you want and follow the turn-by-turn directions which reference things you pass on the road e.g. turn left at the church, go up the hill and through the crossroads – no need to check the map.

If you think you missed a turn, one glance at the route indicator tells you if you are still on the route – no need to check the map.

If you do miss a turn, you will be alerted – no more getting lost.

Need lunch? Water? A repair? A taxi? Locations and numbers of useful local services are stored offline – no more stressing on a ride.

It is designed to be carried in your pocket and checked when you need it, saving battery life. All key features of the app can be used offline.

There are no barriers to great cycles.

50 of the routes are loops and 50 are linear. The directions for the linear routes go in the most popular direction, but you can also cycle them in the opposite direction and navigate by the map alone when you need to check where to go.

How to use the site

What does the website offer that the app doesn’t? Well, the site is great for browsing route details and viewing the photo galleries on a far larger screen. Routes have up to 28 images.

You can also easily check out any section of the routes on Google Maps Streetview to make sure you are happy with them.

There is also a neat map and multi-day route suggestions, along with a weekly blog on ideas for exciting new rides.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@cycleire) to get new ideas to explore Ireland by bike.

Online and offline parts of the app

The entire app can be used offline apart from the following three elements: the tips section, image galleries on the ride info pages, and videos on the ride info pages. You need to be online to view those.

In this way we minimise the size of the app on your phone.

Conserving your battery

The app is designed to conserve battery life as much as possible. The older the battery in your phone, the poorer its performance is likely to be. When you are out on a day’s cycle you may need your phone to last ten hours or more between charges. Doing the following will help to conserve your phone’s battery life.

1) Dim the screen brightness.

2) Turn off your gps, wireless and mobile data when you are not using them.

On parts of some routes navigation is straightforward. Here you can navigate for a while using only the turn-by-turn directions and and save battery life if it is a concern.


The website complements and supports the app, with additional background content on cycling in Ireland and making it easier to browse routes. The app has all of the crucial offline information to ride the routes.