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Inniskeen Cycle Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

On leaving the train station, turn left at the main road and cycle to the roundabout. Turn left for the town centre and follow the one way system as it goes left and loops around a green.

On the green, ignore the first three left turns in quick succession and take the fourth, just before the road straightens. This takes you down Clanbrassil Street, where you take the left fork when you reach a church in the centre of the junction.

This takes you over a long bridge. Stay on the road, passing a cemetery, until you reach a sign saying No Through Road. Take the wide right turn here which has a bike lane. You soon reach a roundabout. Go left.

This section [5km marker] is very busy as it takes traffic to the motorway, but it is only a few hundred metres and there is a cycle lane. At the next roundabout, take the fourth (last) exit.

The entrance to Ballymascanlon House Hotel is on this road on the left hand side after 1.6km. The path to Proleek Dolmen leads from the car park through a golf course.

Exit the hotel and turn right, back the way you came, but take the immediate right turn. You soon reach the R132 at a crossroads. Go straight through and over the N1.

Section 2

10 – 20km

At the first crossroads turn left and then go left again at the t-junction you soon reach. Take the next right 1km later and you climb the Hill of Faughart. You pass the cemetery at the top and then go left at the t-junction you reach (you are just 300m from Northern Ireland here, in the other direction).

At the next turnoff you will find St Brigid’s Shrine and Well.

Keep straight and cycle downhill from the well and then take the first right turn. Follow [15km marker] this road through two crossroads and then across the R177 – continue straight on, up the hill and past the church.

At the next junction follow the road to the right. When you reach a t-junction turn left and then take the first right immediately. Continue on this road, past Killin Church and take a right turn there, and then take an immediate left.

Section 3

20 – 30km

Take the next left turn and soon you reach the N53. Go straight through this crossroads. When you reach a t-junction by a church, turn right.

At the next t-junction, turn left [25km marker].

Stay on this road and go through two crossroads, entering County Monaghan.

Section 4

30 – 40km

In Inniskeen you turn left at a t-junction. There you pass the graveyard where Patrick Kavanagh is buried.

Continue southeast in the direction you are going and you soon return to County Louth. After [35km marker] 4.4km you reach the R178 at the first crossroads. Turn left here and stay on this road.

Turn right at the first crossroads you reach. It is signed Knockbridge.

Section 5

40 – 48km

You reach the village at the next crossroads, where you turn right on the R171.

Cu Chulainn’s Stone can be seen in a field on the right after 1.4km. Access to the field is by a stile.

Continue the way you are going [45km marker] and pass beneath the motorway before reaching a t-junction. Turn left and cycle into Dundalk. After 1.4km you pass red-bricked houses on your left. Turn left at the end of this row by the high stone wall. At the end of the road turn left to return to the train station.