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Malahide Cycle Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

Go north on O’Connell Street, away from the river, and turn left at the end of the street. Then take the first right and go up the hill past the Rotunda Hospital.

There are numerous bus stops on the left side of the road, so watch for buses pulling out. When you reach the first crossroads go through it and the one-way system takes you to the left of the church directly ahead. Keep going straight.

The road goes around two bends and reaches a t-junction. Turn right and go up the hill through Phibsborough. After going straight for 1.1km you cross the canal.

Immediately the road bends left. Cross over to the right lane and take the first right turn. After a few metres turn left at the t-junction and go down the hill. At the bottom of the hill, go into the right lane and keep straight through the crossroads. You then [5km marker] go up a hill.

At the top of the hill the one-way system takes you left and then immediately right. Continue uphill on the dual carriageway for 1.0km to the first crossroads.

Turn right on Collins Avenue. Take the second left turn on Shanowen Avenue and then take the first right after a few metres, onto Shanowen Road. This brings you to a t-junction with the Swords Road, where you turn left and go uphill. You see the Omni Park Shopping Centre on your left after 350m.

Continue the way you are going. After 500m you pass a left turn. Change lanes and go straight. Then take the right turn a few metres later – you may face a long wait to get a green light. Then you go straight through a large roundabout and over the motorway.

Section 2

10 – 20km

After 1.4km, take the fourth left turn beside the car park for a shopping centre.

Stay on this road for 1.6km through numerous turns and you reach a t-junction where you turn right on the N32. There is a bus lane on this road and after 2.4km on this road [15km marker] you reach the crossroads at Clarehall. Turn left here.

Turn north and the road soon narrows as you leave the city. 5.1km from Clarehall there is a wide right turn which is signed Malahide Castle. Take this turn.

Section 3

20 – 30km

You soon see the entrance to the castle on your left.

Continue the way you were going and turn left at the t-junction you reach. Go down the hill and turn right at the crossroads in Malahide village.

This road soon reaches the coast and follows it around the headland, offering some fantastic views [25km marker]. When you get to Portmarnock you see the beach on your left.

Keep straight for 2.0km and then turn left at the small roundabout you reach. You keep cycling along the coast. Go through a roundabout.

Section 4

30 – 40km

500m after the roundabout take a left turn on the R106, signed Howth. This continues along the coast.

You cross the train tracks and 500m later you reach Howth crossroads, where you turn left.

It is 2.5km to Howth village. Go straight through it and when the main road turns right and up a hill, go straight through a car park. On theo othe side this road turns right up a steep and narrow road [35km marker]. The road bends left.

Take the first right turn which goes uphill. Go right at the crossroads you reach and then left at the t-junction with the main road. There is still some way to go before you reach the top of the hill. Stay on the main road all the way. From the top it is 5.3km back to Howth crossroads.

Section 5

40 – 50km

At Howth Crossroads you turn left to go towards Dublin City Centre.

Soon you are riding next to the sea again, and soon after that you see a good bike lane on your left [45km marker]. The first left turn is the one to Bull Island, which has a fine beach.

Continue along the shore on the bike path. The next left is a wooden bridge over to Bull Island and worth the trip if you want to take a look. Otherwise, keep straight on the main road.

Section 6

50 – 54km

When the bike lane ends keep on going straight and go under a bridge. You pass Fairview Park on your left and cross the Tolka River on a bridge.

Keep straight on this road. You pass Croke Park Stadium on your right as you go over the canal. Keep going and you pass under a railway bridge.

Immediately after is the grey brick building of Connolly Station on your left. Turn right here down Talbot Street. After 500m, the road turns left. Dismount and walk straight ahead to O’Connell Street.