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Malin Head – Greencastle Derry Cycle Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

From Malin Head, go west along the north shore of the headland. Stay on the main road as it curves left through Ballyhillion. You descend to a small beach and then cycle through the village of Portmore.

After the village, take the first left, the L10212. The road goes along the coast and [5km marker] as it turns right there is a sign pointing left to The Wee House of Malin, which is not far away.

Otherwise continue on the main road.

Turn left at the first crossroads after this, signed signed Inis Eoghain 100. After 2.2km, take the third left, also signed Inis Eoghain 100, on a downhill stretch.

The road climbs steadily uphill.

Section 2

10 – 20km

On the descent of the other side [15km marker] into the coastal village of Ballymena, ignore all turnoffs. When you reach a t-junction, turn left.

Continue down the hill to the beach and then up the next hill through Portaleen. Stay on the main road through several corners and ignore the turnoffs. Keep straight ahead.

Section 3

20 – 30km

You reach Culdaff. Turn left when you reach the t-junction with Main Street.

Go along Culdaff Main Street and follow the road as it turns right at the end. After 200m you pass housing estates on both sides. Take the next left, up a hill, signed Carrowmenagh. This turn is on a right-hand bend.

Stay on this road [25km marker] for 4.5km, and when you pass between two low stone walls take the left that is signed Inis Eoghain 100 and Tremone Bay. You go down a short hill to the bay.

When you start up the hill on the other side, keep left at the first turnoff.

Section 4

30 – 40km

This is a stiff climb with a 130m height gain. There is a steep descent on the other side. When you reach a t-junction, go left and continue downhill.

You have another short, stiff climb after this. Keep left on the main road as it goes up [35km marker].

On the next descent, take the left turnoff to continue downhill towards Kinnagoe Bay. Now you begin the last climb here, a 150m rise. From the top there are terrific views over Lough Foyle and into Northern Ireland. It is a long descent into Greencastle.

Section 5

40 – 50km

On the way into Greencastle you go through a crossroads and finish up at the harbour. The main road bends right and goes through the town. You are on the R241 coastal road.

Continue along the coastal road [45km marker] for 4.5km and you reach the village of Moville. Cycle straight through the town.

Section 6

50 – 60km

4.5km after Moville the road bends left and you pass a small cemetery on your left. Take the right uphill turn here. Ignore numerous right turns.

Keep straight and the road descends back down to the coast road [55km marker]. At the bottom of the hill there is a minor right and a main right. Take either – they soon join.

Follow the main road all the way to Quigley’s Point. Go through the village.

Section 7

60 – 70km

Continue on [65km marker] to the village of Muff. At Muff the road becomes the R239. Go past the garage on the right beside the turnoff.

Take the second right turn after this, on the way out of the town just after you cross a small stream. The turnoff is just before a right-hand bend. This will take you into Derry on quieter roads on the edge of the border.

For the next 2.3km, this road hugs the border, before you finally cross into Northern Ireland.

Section 8

70 – 77km

You enter the outskirts of Derry and go straight through a busy roundabout. Take the next left turn, where there is a large green on your left. Then take the first right. There is a cycle lane on this road.

Ride 1.5km and through a roundabout to Buncrana Road and turn left. Then take the first right on Pennyburn Pass [75km marker].

At the t-junction you soon reach, turn right on Duncreggan Road. At the next t-junction turn left on Northland Road. Follow this for 900m as it bends right and eventually forks.

Take the left, downhill fork, then take the first left on Great James Street.

Keep straight through the next intersection (you will have to dismount and walk across) and then take the second right down Waterloo Place. You can walk down Shipquay Place, a pedestrianised street on your left.

You reach a church at the end and Foyle Street and the bus station is straight ahead. You will have to walk there as it is a one-way street.