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Mourne Mountains Cycle Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

Leave the station, cross the motorway and go down the hill. Turn left at the t-junction.

Continue downhill (there is a good shoulder here) to the roundabout and take the 4th (last) exit, heading for the town centre. After 1.7km turn left to follow the one way system and cross the bridge.

At the roundabout take the second exit and then immediately turn left at the obelisk.

This road can be busy but you are not on it for long. It bends left, right and left again, climbing uphill. At the first crossroads turn right on Crieve Road, going in almost the same direction.

Keep going uphill and after the top you reach a roundabout. Go straight through [5km marker]. When you reach a crossroads go straight through and take the first right turn.

Keep left at a fork and you reach a t-junction. Turn right and you soon reach the B8 at a crossroads. Turn left. Stay on this road for several kilometres.

Section 2

10 – 20km

You reach the village of Mayobridge. Turn right at the crossroads in the village, beside a stream on your right.

Then turn left at the staggered crossroads (it’s almost a t-junction) you reach.

Follow this road straight up a hill and down a descent with several corners [15km marker]. Turn right when you reach the B8 again at a t-junction.

Follow this road to the village of Hilltown. Go through it, cross a bridge and take the first right turn, signed Kilkeel.

Section 3

20 – 30km

Keep straight all the way on this road as it climbs to the reservoir.

Soon after passing the dam [25km marker] you reach a t-junction. Turn right here for Kilkeel (if you go left it is not far to the top of the pass, if you want to take a look) and enjoy the long descent.

Section 4

30 – 40km

You pass a wood on your right. On a short rise take the first right turn down a narrow road.

###Optional detour to Silent Valley Reservoir###
###20km return – 190m climbing###
If you want to visit Silent Valley, stay on the main road and take the first left, signed Silent Valley. After 2.5km you reach a t-junction. Go left and the entrance to Silent Valley is a few metres away. The goes along the shore of a reservoir. Return the way you came.

Take the road to Attical and you reach it in 1.0km. Turn right at the crossroads hereĀ [35km marker], ignore a right turn and then go along a straight. Take the next right.

Follow this road and you reach a t-junction, where you turn right on the A2.

Section 5

40 – 50km

###Optional detour to Greencastle###
###11km return – 10m climbing###
Take the first left turn if you want to visit Greencastle. After 3.8km, take the first right, signed Greencastle. The castle is visible on the right side of the road. Return the way you came.

After the first left turn that goes to Greencastle, take the second right, which immediately bends in the same direction you are travelling. This will get you off the busy road [45km marker] for 2km.

When you rejoin the A2 at a t-junction, go right on the main road and this will bring you into Rostrevor. When you reach a mini-roundabout (with a wall ahead of you) there, go right, and then take a left immediately.

Section 6

50 – 60km

Stay on this road and after a while you climb up a long hill, with great views to your right. On the other side the road narrows and you descend to a t-junction.

Go left on Clonallan Road and [55km marker] then take the first right, going steeply uphill and taking the left turn on Carrick Road after a few metres on the last climb of the day.

Go through a crossroads and up the last section which is quite steep. You go over the top, enjoy the views and descend to the t-junction at Bridge Road.

Turn left on Bridge Road and then immediately right on Derraleckagh Road.

Section 7

60 – 70km

You pass a lake, go down a hill and take the left turn on Ballyholland Road. The turn is just before a bridge and a crossroads.. When you reach the edge of Newry, take the first right on a downhill on Temple Hill Road.

After a downhill [65km marker] section you reach a crossroads. Turn left and take the next right, downhill on Cowan Street. Pass a park and stay on Cowan Street as it bends left.

At the t-junction at the bottom of the hill, turn left on Sandy Street, familiar from earlier. Return the way you came – right at the river, left at the roundabout, across the bridge, follow the road for 1.7km to another roundabout, take a sharp left and go up the hill to the right turn to the train station.