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Mulranny – Ceide Fields – Ballina Cycle Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

Go past Mulranny park hotel and head west on the N59. You soon pass the turnoff for Achill. Go past it as the N59 heads north, squeezed between the sea and the hills [5km marker].

As you move inland, fantastic views open out and soon after you take the first right turnoff, as you cross a bridge. This will take you off the main road for a few kilometres and into truly remote countryside.

Section 2

10 – 20km

You turn left at a crossroads and go up a hill [15km marker]. After a sharp right you go through a crossroads and then return to the N59 at the next crossroads, after a hill.

Turn right here to follow the N59 north.

Section 3

20 – 30km

Stay on it [25km marker] all the way to Bangor Erris, which is 15km away.

Section 4

30 – 40km

In the centre of Bangor Erris, turn left onto the R313 [35km marker]. Just outside the village, the road forks at a shrine. Go right on the L1204 and you will soon pass Carrowmore Lake.

Section 5

40 – 50km

Stay on this road until you reach a t-junction [45km marker] with the R314 and then turn right. This is Ballinabo Crossroads.

After 4.1km the second left turn is signed Ros Dumhach. Continue on the R314 for Ceide Fields.

Optional detour to Ros Dumhach (Rossport)

###Optional detour to Ros Dumhach (Rossport)###
###21km return###

If you take the turn for Ros Doagh, after 6.2km take the first left, signed Rossport.

Take the next left and the road turns right, runs along the shore and then turns right again. When you reach a crossroads, turn sharply right and after a while you will rejoin the road you came in on.

When you reach the t-junction, turn right to rejoin the R314 and continue on to Ceide Fields.


Section 6

50 – 60km

Continue the way you were going, northeast on the R314 [55km marker].

Section 7

60 – 70km

You reach the coast, where the road turns eastward [65km marker]. The Ceide Fields visitor centre is on your right.

Continue east on the R314.

Section 8

70 – 80km

Continue east on the R314 [75km marker] all the way to Ballycastle.

At the entrance to Ballycastle, turn right on the R315, signed Crossmolina.

Section 9

80 – 90km

After 7.5km there is a long curve left and then a crossroads where the main road takes a hard right. Take the turnoff that goes straight ahead, signed Kincon.

Continue straight [85km marker] and ignore several turnoffs. You soon pass through Kincon. Keep straight on.

Section 10

90 – 100km

After several kilometres [95km marker] you pass through 2 crossroads in succession. Around 2.5km later you reach a third crossroads. Turn right here, going south along a perfectly straight, narrow road.

After 2.2km the road splits in two at an unusual t-junction. Go left here. Stay straight on this road.

Section 11

100 – 105km

After 4.7km you reach a roundabout on the edge of Ballina.

Take the first exit and and go straight. Ignore the immediate turnoff. Go over the rise and down the hill into the town. Keep going straight all the way through the town and you will reach the river.