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Offline Map

Android availability

If your phone is running Android version 4.3 or lower, the offline map is not available. Apologies, but this is due to memory issues Рperformance of the map  on older Android version is problematic. If this applies to you, you can update your software (if available) or use the online map if you have 3G capability Рbut do ensure you have a SIM card appropriate for the part of Ireland that you are in. It is easy to rack up roaming charges unintentionally in the border areas so check your network while you are there.

Android map location

The map is stored in a folder on the SD card in a folder named osmdroid. If you delete the map (through the app or manually), you can download it again anytime. Moving it to an external SD card will render it unusable for the Cycle Ireland app.

Using the offline map

The map is most useful for cycling in the countryside. The zoom level is not sufficient for easy navigation in cities, but our directions allow you to do that. Add or remove markers as you want them – fewer markers equals easier navigation.

Deleting the offline map

You can delete from within the app settings. Or on Android you can navigate to the osmdroid folder and delete it there.


Our offline map is an excellent option for you to navigate in remote areas and to save money on roaming charges.