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Old Head of Kinsale Cycle Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

Starting at the Marina, ride south on Pier Road. At a right bend you briefly leave the water’s edge. Continue along the shore and follow this road across a long bridge.

Ignore a left turn on the other side, go up a hill and take the next left on the L3225. Take the immediate right turn down to the water. You ride around a sharp left bend to remain on the edge of the shore.

This road runs alongside the estuary and past a cluster of houses at Sandycove before going inland and straight up a hill [5km marker].

Follow this road around several corners up and down to the first crossroads. Take the left that goes down and up a rise. The surface is poor but at a t-junction turn right. You soon go through a crossroads and down a hill to a t-junction with the R604. Turn left.

Go over the hill and descend to the shore.

Section 2

10 – 20km

You pass a caravan park and the road bends right at The Speckled Door Pub. Take the left turn here that leads straight ahead. Keep going uphill until the road bends right at the top. Ignore the left here – it leads to the golf course which is closed to the public.

The main road offers fantastic views as it turns north and goes downhill. Stay on it [15km marker] until you reach a t-junction with the R604. Turn left. You ride past Garretstown Beach and a mobile home park. Take the first right turn up a narrow road after passing the park.

Stay on this road.

Section 3

20 – 29km

Eventually you reach a t-junction in the village of Ballinspittle, where you turn left and then immediately right beside The Corner House Pub.

Leave the village on this road and after a kilometre you pass the grotto. Continue on this road.

Ignore a left turn as it bends right.

After passing another left turn, you reach a staggered crossroads. Turn left here, go uphill and take the first right. You go over a hill [25km marker] and after a steep descent turn left at the t-junction with the R600.

Go down the hill and cycle across the bridge into Kinsale. The road bends right after the bridge and goes around a hill. Stay on this road until you reach the car park on the quay.