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Pack for a cycle trip

How to pack for an overnight trip

We love short cycle trips and we pack as light as possible for them. Here is what we consider to be a fair list of things to take for a single night away. For a longer trip, you might add a few clothes.

As you cycle, you wear your cycling gear. Once you reach your accommodation you shower and wear your change of clothes for the evening. You wash and dry your cycling gear, and change back into it in the morning when it is dry.

Cycling Clothing

Jersey, rain jacket, shorts, socks, gloves, helmet, glasses, shoes, overshoes (if you use them).

Change of clothing

(All light clothing) T-shirt, jumper or fleece, trousers, socks, underwear, shoes (get the lightest shoes you have).

Cycling accessories

Spare tube, puncture repair kit, 2 levers, pump, front and rear bike lights.

Multitool, energy food.

Other accessories

Phone, charger (with a three-pin adaptor if needed), money, credit/atm cards, keys.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen and any health/medical products you use such as plasters or lip salve. A couple of freezer bags will keep things like your phone dry in the event that you have heavy rain.

Wrap your clothes in a waterproof bag or binbag and you are ultralight cycling with about 3 kilograms of luggage. It’s that easy. It will fit in a 20 litre backpack. You will probably add in a couple more things depending on the circumstances. If you worry you will be cold, add in a cap and gloves and ensure your jumper is warm. But if it is just an overnight trip, you can rely on the weather forecast and you won’t need to bring a lot of extra clothing.


Ultralight cycling is easier than you probably think and opens up a world of possibilities for the casual cyclist.