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Powerscourt Cycle Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

On exiting Bray DART station turn left, follow the main road around the corner and take the first left turn down Adelaide Road. Take the first left on Albert Avenue and pass under the train tracks. You reach Strand Road.

Go right along the seafront here, almost all the way to the end. Take the last (the 4th) right turn on Putland Road, where the car park begins on your left.

This brings you uphill to a t-junction where you turn left on Vevay Road. Go straight through two roundabouts and you leave the town. Keep straight up the hill to Greystones, passing a golf course on your left.

Before you reach the top, take the first right, by a bus stop [5km marker]. After 1.5km, on a descent, take the first right turn, down a narrow road.

Stay on this road as it curves left and the take the second right turn at a wide junction. This goes down a hill. At the bottom turn right and go over the N11. You can see the Sugarloaf loom over you.

After the bridge go left, and then keep right to begin the steep, narrow climb up to the Sugarloaf.

Section 2

10 – 20km

A few metres before the car park at the top, take the left turn with a sign warning that you are entering a military range. Take the next right turn, and cycle towards the Wicklow Mountains in front of you.

Go left at the t-junction you soon reach. This can be a busy road [15km marker], but you take the first right turn to leave it after 1.4km. Then you take the next right again. You climb a short hill to reach an altitude of over 300m.

There is a wood on your left. At a large gap between sections, you can see Powerscourt Waterfall.

Section 3

20 – 30km

After this you approach the descent of Long Hill, which is famous amongst Dublin cyclists for being steep and straight, and very, very fast.

After the road flattens out, take the first left and continue down the steep hill. Go left again at the crossroads. Keep straight and you will reach the foot of Powerscourt Waterfall.

Return the way you came [25km marker] but keep straight at the first crossroads and you will reach a t-junction. Go left here. Keep left at the first turnoff and you will cross a narrow stone bridge and then climb up a steep hill.

Section 4

30 – 39km

The turnoff for Powerscourt Demesne is on the left at the top of the hill. Otherwise continue on, down a short but steep hill to Enniskerry.

Return the way you came, back up the hill, past Powerscourt entrance, down the other side of the hill, over the narrow stone bridge and then take the first left to continue on to Bray.

After several bends, take the first left turn down a hill [35km marker}. This will bring you to a roundabout. Take the second exit and cross the bridge over the N11.

At the next roundabout take the first exit, signed Bray. Stay on Killarney Road for 6.7km as you head towards the centre. There is a cycle lane on much of this road.

Eventually you emerge onto Main Street. Go straight ahead and down the hill.

After 400m, at the first crossroads, turn right on Quinsborough Road. Go down this street and at a small roundabout you will see the train station on your right.