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Rathdrum Wicklow Gap – Dublin Cycle Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

Leave the train station and turn left uphill. At the first crossroads take a right, following the sign for Glendalough. Go through Rathdrum Main Street and at the end go straight, following the sign for Glendalough. The road curves left and offers some nice views.

This is the R755 and runs [5km marker] all the way to Laragh, up and down through some beautiful forest scenery.

Section 2

10 – 20km

When you reach the t-junction at Laragh, turn left for Glendalough. The main road goes straight into Glendalough – you need to turn right and uphill for Wicklow Gap at a fork after 1.6km.

The climb [15km marker] to the saddle of Wicklow Gap is 6.5km with a reasonably even gradient.

Section 3

20 – 30km

###Optional detour to Turlough Hil Reservoir###
###6km return – 180m climbing###
The left turn at the top of WIcklow Gap goes up to the Turlough Hill reservoir with great views. Return the same way.

Continue the way you were going from Wicklow Gap, descending on the east side [25km marker].

Section 4

30 – 40km

After 10.5km of the descent, the second right turn goes up a short hill ahead of you. It is signed for Valleymount and Ballyknockan.

You will soon see the Blessington Lakes on your left. 3km later, after a brief descent, take the second right turn – signed Ballyknockan and Lake Drive. This goes down a hill and over a small bridge. This road [35km marker] goes up and down over the next 7.6km to Temple Boden.

Section 5

40 – 50km

When there you go up a short steep hill and there is a right turn at a sharp angle among several houses and a high stone wall on your right. Take this right turn.

This narrow road takes you up over Sorrell Hill, with amazing views of the lakes [45km marker]. After descending the other side turn left at the first t-junction.

Section 6

50 – 60km

At the next, take a sharp right. Cross a bridge and the road rises to a t-junction with the R759. Turn left here. After 4km [55km marker] you reach the first crossroads. Take the right turn leading up a long hill.

Go up the hill and take the first right, uphill again. After 2.2km you reach a t-junction. There is a small stone bridge on the right, but we go left.

This road has a poor surface, but this route avoids the worst of it, and we are not on it for long. The road goes up a steep hill.

Section 7

60 – 70km

Continue up and over the top. There is a gentle descent on the other side down to the R114 [65km marker].

Turn right here for a very steep descent into Dublin. Stay on this road for the next 10km and you will reach the suburbs.

Section 8

70 – 75km

You pass over the M50. After another 3.2km going straight, you reach a t-junction at Rathfarnham and the end of the route.