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Rosslare – Kilmore Quay Cycle Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

Turn right from the train station, go over the bridge and follow the road around a left hand bend. Take the second exit at the roundabout you reach, marked Wexford. Go straight for 2.7 kilometres and you will reach the N25. Turn right for Wexford.

You are only on this road for 1.8km. and there is an excellent shoulder [5km marker]. Take the first left, just after a garage and shop. You enter Killinick here. At the main crossroads turn right, and follow the road that bends immediately left.

When you reach a t-junction, take a right, signposted Ballycogley. Stay on this road until you reach the R739. There are two pubs at this crossroads.

Cross over the R739 and continue straight past the shrine.

Section 2

10 – 20km

Cycle for 3.5km through one crossroads to reach the R736. Take a right at the crossroads here. There are no signs. Soon you reach Bridgetown.

At the t-junction, turn left and then immediately right [15km marker]. Then take the first right turn, after 3.4km, up a very narrow lane. The road bends left, then right.

Section 3

20 – 30km

Turn right again at the next t-junction (there is a long driveway to a house straight ahead, so this resembles a crossroads). From here it’s 1.2km to the R736. Once there, take a left to cycle into Kilmore Quay.

Take the first right, as the main road bends left. It takes you around by the quay to a roundabout, where you take the second exit, the R739.

The R739 goes past a church. After [25km marker] 2.8km the road sweeps left at a wide bend. Ignore the turnoff on it, but take the next right turn 400m later. It is marked with a bicycle sign. You soon pass the remains of a tower on your right.

This townland is named Bastardstown, after a frenchman of that name who once lived there. When you reach a t-junction turn right, and follow the bike signs at the next, which point left. Just after that the road forks. Follow the bike sign to the right.

Section 4

30 – 40km

Follow this road and ignore all turnoffs until you reach a church. Go right here. Keep straight [35km marker] until you reach a t-junction at a sharp bend. Keep right. Then take the first left, also on a sharp bend.

Soon you reach a t-junction. Go right, then left a few metres later. There are no signs.

Stay on this road for 2.9km, going through a crossroads.

Section 5

40 – 50km

Then turn right at the t-junction you reach. You enter the townland of Broadway. Take a right at the next t-junction, signposted Our Lady’s Island. Butler’s Pub is at the junction. Our Lady’s Island is around the corner.

Just beyond the village is a cemetery where the road curves right. Stay with it. You pass the Lobster Pot. After [45km marker] the pub, take the second left, where the wind turbines are clearly visible.

Ride down the hill and follow the road along the coast. When you reach the end of the road you can walk on towards Carnsore Point – it’s a few minutes away. Return the same way and go back up to the main road.

Take a left here to reach Coombe Beach on a narrow road.

Section 6

50 – 62km

It is 2.1km on a very poor surface. Return the way you came.

Go north past the Lobster Pot [55km marker]. When you reach the cemetery soon after at Our Lady’s Island, go left, back through the village. Stay on this road for 4.6km to reach the N25.

Turn left and then immediately right by the large church in Tagoat. It is 2.7km to the first roundabout you came to today. Go straight through it and and follow the road around a right bend to reach Rosslare train station.