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Three Rock Cycle Loop Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

Go south on Grange Road and keep straight at the junction with The Yellow House pub. Take the next right. This is a short stretch uphill.

When you reach the wide junction at the top, go left. Go downhill, past the entrance to Marlay Park. Take the next right, following the sign for Three Rock. You go uphill again. At the next crossroads, go straight and you pass Taylor’s Three Rock pub and go under the M50.

From here it is a steady haul to the top [5km marker]. After 1.2km you turn right at a t-junction, then left to leave the main road. From here to the top has a good surface and is shared by cyclists and walkers. Keep right to follow the one-way system.

When you turn a hairpin you then turn right and go through a gate to keep going uphill to the top.

Be careful of walkers on the descent. After going back through the gate, turn right downhill to follow the one-way system and you will end up back at the entrance.

Section 2

10 – 16km

You turn right and go down a few metres to the junction with the public road. Turn right there and then left straight away to descend the way you came to the M50 and Taylor’s Three Rock Pub. Return the way the way you came – straight through the crossroads, left at the bottom, up a short hill, right at the top.

Then downhill again on Grange Road [15km marker], take a left at the next t-junction and you are at the start of the ride.