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Tralee to Dingle Cycle Directions

Section 1

0 to 10km

On leaving the train/bus station turn right, and then take the first left. You soon reach a t-junction in front of the entrance to a church. Turn right here and then take the first left turn on Denny Street.

Go past the statue and turn right when you reach the t-junction by the Kerry County Museum. The entrance to Ashe Park is here on the left.

Turn left at the next t-junction, signed Killorglin, and then go straight through the roundabout you reach. Here you leave the town and soon go through two crossroads.

After the second of these, it is 1.5km to the third crossroads, where you turn left on a narrow road and then take the first right 200m later.

A climb begins [5km marker]. It is 5.6km to the top, which has extraordinary views both to the north and the south.

The descent is steep in parts.

Section 2

10 – 20km

Turn right at the first crossroads that you reach. Stay on this road for 4.2km and you will emerge at a t-junction with the R561. Turn right [15km marker].

From here it is 7.6km to the right turn to Bothar na gCloch. Ignore numerous turnoffs before it. This road can be busy but there is no alternative.

Section 3

20 – 30km

The turnoff is signed Scenic Route – Camp and Maharees. It occurs just before a rare corner and is next to a house with a stone wall.

It’s a steady climb up to [25km marker] the top of the pass, which has excellent views of Caherconree.

Go down the other side, and when the road forks, keep left. 2.1km later take the first left turn up a narrow road.

Section 4

30 – 40km

This goes steadily uphill. At the top the road bends right and you reach a t-junction with the N86. Turn left.

After [35km marker] 4.7km on the main road as it crosses the spine of the peninsula, you take the first left turn, at a crossroads. It is signed Inch. This road goes downhill all the way to the coast, through a gap between two hills.

Section 5

40 – 50km

When it is joined from the right by another road at a fork, it is another 1.2km to the bottom. Turn right here, back on the R561. Cycle on and you will soon reach Inch Beach.

Continue along the coast on the R561 [45km marker]. After it turns inland, take the first left, a very sharp turn.

###Optional detour to Anascaul Lake###
###10km return – 100m climbing###
This is a short trip on a dead end road to a beautiful lake. Instead of turning left, go straight. Then turn right at the t-junction with the N86. You reach the village of Annascaul around the corner.

Right across the bridge in the village is the famous South Pole Inn, but you turn left before the bridge and go straight ahead on the narrow road. Turn right at the crossroads that you reach and follow this road to the lake. Return the same way.

You climb uphill with nice views of the peninsula.

Section 6

50 – 60km

You descend the other side to a small bay. Then you climb [55km marker] another hill and descend the other side. When the road turns sharply right on the descent, take the narrow left turn that is easy to miss. Keep straight on this for 2.0km down to the junction with the N86 in Lispole. Turn left there.

Take the first narrow right turn immediately after crossing the bridge. Pass through a crossroads and then take the next left. Stay on this road.

Section 7

60 – 68km

Ignore numerous turnoffs and keep straight. The road slowly curves towards the coast. Eventually you reach a t-junction. On the left is a spectacular straight road several kilometres long. But you go right [65km marker].

Follow this road into Dingle. After going down a hill and into the town, turn left when you reach a stop sign and then go through the roundabout you reach to get to the marina.